Quick Coupler

Quick-Coupler (1)


Hydraulic-compactor (1)

Crusher CC, CR

Hydraulic Shear

Hydraulic-Shear (1)

Hydraulic Pulverizer

Hydraulic-Pulverizer (1)

Car Dismantling

Car-Dismantling (1)

Eagle Shear

Eagle-Shear (1)

Stone Grapple
Wood Grapple

Stone-Grapple-Wood-Graple (1)

Orange Peel Grapple

Orange-Peel-Grapple-Steel-Scrap-Grab (1)

Log Grapple

Log-Grapple (1)

Demolition Grapple


Quick Coupler

Versatile attachment that allows quick and easy tool exchange; reducing machine downtime by being able to install and interchange different accessories.

Hydraulic Compactor

This attachment on your excavator will allow you to achieve the soil compaction parameters required in construction projects.

Hydraulic Crusher CC, CR

This attachment can crush concrete and/or cut reinforcing steel, with 360⁰ free rotation for precision cutting.

Hydraulic Shear

This attachment is for dismantling large-scale steel structures, with 360⁰ free rotation for precision cutting.

Hydraulic Pulverizer (Split, Fixer, Rotary)

This attachment is used in demolition work on reinforced concrete structures such as slabs, columns, walls, foundations, etc.

Car Dismantling Shear

The car dismantling shear is a hydraulic attachment used in the automotive recycling industry and large-scale container demolition and breakdown.

Eagle Shear

This hydraulic attachment is used to scrap with maximum efficiency and in any operating condition, used mainly for industrial recycling.

Stone Grapple, Wood Grapple

This grapple can safely handle rocks, logs, scrap metal, poles, wood, debris, rubble or metal, with the option of 360⁰ degree free rotation.

Orange Peel Grapple, Steel Scrap Grab

This multi-jaw grapple can handle scrap iron, metal, waste, wire, paper, plastics, scrap, and debris, with a secure grip.

Log Grapple

The grapple and/or log grapple is a very useful tool in the forestry industry to handle, load, unload, and move logs with ease, efficiency, and reliability.

Demolition Grapple

This clamp with great gripping capacity and hydraulic rotation is effective for the classification and/or handling of various wastes or materials.

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